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Dead Sea Salt and Its Healing Properties

Bath salt is a very popular alternative for deodorants today. Many people use it for its deodorizing ability, which many people believe is almost as effective as commercial deodorants. But did you know that bath salt can be an excellent alternative for your skin’s health? Did you know also that bath salts have an extremely significant therapeutic role in keeping your body’s internal balance healthy? And did you know that bath salt has an equally significant contribution to keeping your body’s overall health fine?

bath salt
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Baking soda, bath salt, and Epsom salt have all been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. Today, however, the most important ingredient remains the mineral magnesium sulfate. When used in its purest form, magnesium sulfate functions as an antiseptic. It can kill infection-causing germs and bacteria. It can reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and stimulate the immune system.

As bath salt was becoming more well known, other compounds were added to increase its effectiveness. Most of these compounds include sodium, calcium, chromium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium. While they all contribute to some effect, the best contribution comes from magnesium sulfate. And it’s the only ingredient that contributes to an antiseptic effect.

In addition to its great cleansing abilities, magnesium salts are great as a powerful anti-inflammatory. They are excellent for reducing swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis, and they also naturally treat itching and redness. They work by reducing inflammation and stimulating healing. In clinical studies, dead sea salt has been shown to significantly decrease the level of inflammatory cytokines, which are known to cause fibrosis and chronic inflammation. These findings are very promising for those who suffer from psoriasis and similar conditions.

Because of their healing properties, magnesium salts have recently become one of the top remedies used to treat psoriasis. And while this is certainly good news for those who suffer from this painful disease, using bath salt to treat rheumatoid arthritis is not the only healthy, natural way that you can treat your condition. Using common sense, taking a good multivitamin, and avoiding certain environmental factors such as cigarette smoke can also help you to better treat your psoriasis.

One of the reasons that magnesium salts are such a powerful healing agent for psoriasis is that they possess a unique property. All living things, whether or not they are plants, contain trace amounts of magnesium. This mineral makes up nearly 25% of what makes up your body. So it stands to reason that dead sea salt contains high levels of magnesium chloride. While it is impossible to obtain pure magnesium chloride on your own, there are a variety of ways to increase your intake naturally. Magnesium is found in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other natural dietary sources.

Along with its healing properties, magnesium found in dead sea salts has been shown to be very effective at improving the function of your liver and central nervous system. Because of this, it is often recommended as a therapy for patients suffering from both hepatitis and cirrhosis. By helping to correct the balance of toxins and fluids in the body, this compound is believed to help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with these two diseases. And while this may sound like old news to some, there are new studies being conducted that are indicating just how effective it can be in treating a host of other conditions as well.

The healing properties of dead sea salts aren’t the only reason why they make an excellent home remedy. They also have no reported side effects or allergic reactions. The inclusion of a pinch of this salt in any of your bath creations will provide you with a convenient and natural way to soothe yourself whenever the need arises. If you suffer from painful skin conditions such as eczema and acne, taking a bath with this salt will not only sooth the affected area, it will also draw out the toxins out of the skin to prevent future outbreaks. With all of the benefits associated with using this all-natural bath salt, who wouldn’t want to use it?

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