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Places to Visit in Luverne, Minnesota

There are many places to visit in Luverne, Minnesota. The city is located along the Rock River, and its population is estimated to be 4,946 by 2020. It is one of the four towns featured in Ken Burns’ documentary, The War, and it was the main setting for the second season of the HBO series Fargo.


The Herreid Military Museum is located inside the former Rock County Jail in Luverne, Minnesota. There, visitors can view artifacts from World War I and current conflicts. You can also hear the stories of veterans from Rock County.

The museum was founded by the community to share the stories of those who served their country during World War II. It opened in July 2009 and features exhibits related to the war and the lives of Rock County veterans. The museum is open eight to five Monday through Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.

The museum has recently had a new exhibit. Local art teacher Blair Wegener created murals on the top floor, while another exhibit will feature a unit of the National Guard from Luverne. In addition to the new exhibit, Lanphere is also working on new displays for the second floor. This year, she expects to have completed all the displays by the end of next year.

Luverne is home to a number of cultural and natural attractions, including the historic Palace Theater, the Rock County Veterans Memorial, the Lord Grizzly Gallery, the Herreid Military Museum, and the Verne Drive-In movie theater. Several hotels are available for visitors and shoppers. The downtown area offers many businesses, including a wide range of restaurants, pubs, and retail stores.

The town of Luverne was founded in 1867 and is located along the Rock River. The city had a population of 4,946 in the census of 2020. The town also served as a backdrop for season two of the HBO television show Fargo. It is also one of the four counties without a natural lake.

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