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Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas

There are several ways to maximize storage space in a small laundry room. These include creating a wall of cubbies, adding shelving, a hanging bar, and a magnetic rack. These storage options will make your space feel more organized and less chaotic.

Creating a wall of cubbies

Creating a wall of cubbie storage is an excellent small laundry room storage idea. It will save you floor space and can hold all sorts of essential laundry items. You can even make one cubby into a shelf by placing small cabinet doors on their sides.

Another small room organization idea is to use plastic crates. These are easily screwed to wall studs and can hold a lot of supplies. These crates will also help keep tippy items from falling over. If you’re short on space, you can place several crates side-by-side to create a long wall.

Another good small laundry room storage idea is to install shelves. Wall shelves are great places to store old-fashioned cleaning supplies and tools. Creating a wall of shelves also gives you a place to keep keys and a decorative vase. You can even hang shelves above the washer and dryer for a unique look.

You can also install shelves that are made of glass or wood. Adding shelves will give you more storage space, and you can use a counter top to fold clean clothes. This will also keep the area dry. For small laundry rooms, installing a small dehumidifier can help keep the room dry. You can also install a floor-to-ceiling closet to keep your washer and ironing board out of sight.

Adding shelving

One way to increase the storage space in your utility room is to add shelving. Shelves can help hide clutter and mess in a space, and they can be installed on any wall, including non-load-bearing walls. You can buy pre-cut shelves or order custom made ones that are the exact size and color you need. Another good storage solution for your utility room is woven baskets. They can add a farmhouse touch to your utility room, and you can add a decorative touch with burlap or ribbon.

If your laundry room is cramped and you have limited space, adding shelving is a great way to add more storage space. You can add additional storage space by placing laundry products on shelves, or by storing them in baskets and bins. You can also add glass jars or bottles for small items. You can even use decorative glass beakers to hold your liquid detergent.

Shelving is a must-have in any laundry room. Shelves can be functional and pretty at the same time, so choose one that works for your style. Adding shelving can make your laundry room look chic and organized. For example, you can hang up a basket or shelf above the sink to store extra cleaning supplies. Hanging storage gives you double impact: it’s functional and stylish. If you’re going for a modern, minimalist look, you can also opt for floating wood tone open shelving.

Another way to add storage to your laundry room is to install wall cabinets. Open wall cabinets make it easier to access your items and double as decor. They also give the room a more spacious, kitchen-like feel.

Adding a hanging bar

Adding a tension rod across the top of your washer and dryer is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your laundry room storage. This will give you more space for drying clothes while also saving on floor space. The tension rod will also provide you with a place to hang hand-washed or dry-cleaned clothes.

A hanging bar can be a perfect way to keep your cleaning supplies out of the way and within easy reach. You can purchase one that is painted the same color as the wall, so that it blends in with the design of your laundry room. Another great addition to a small laundry room is an LG steamer. It can de-wrinkle clothes right out of the dryer.

Another way to improve your small laundry room storage is to install plants. Plants can bring life to your laundry room and make it look more organized. Small plants are a great place to start, especially in a laundry room with limited light. Make sure to choose low-light plants that are easy to maintain.

A hanging rail is another great way to create vertical storage space in a laundry room. They are usually equipped with cups and hooks, and are a great way to organize detergent pods, stain sticks, lint rollers, and delicates bags. They can also be used to hang clothes brushes. The best way to create the most efficient storage space is to be intentional with how you organize your things.

Another way to use a hanging bar is to create open shelving for other items besides laundry supplies. Open shelves in a laundry room can also be used to store decorative items and plants.

Using a magnetic rack

Magnetic surfaces are a smart addition to your laundry room storage. They can be used to store things such as detergent and laundry soap. Some models also come with an integrated paper towel roller. They can also be useful in the dryer. Using these storage solutions can be a great way to keep your laundry room organized and clutter-free.

A drying rack is another great storage option that doesn’t take up much space. This kind of rack can be easily attached to a wall, making it easy to reach. It can even be used as a decorative piece. It adds a cute, farmhouse touch to your laundry room.

Open shelves are another great way to keep your laundry supplies organized. They can be installed easily and are a great way to prevent spills. They also keep a small laundry room tidy. Other storage options include baskets against the wall, which you can easily move around if needed.

Adding a curtain to hide a mess

Adding a curtain to hide a messy laundry room can help you make the most of a limited space. It can hide the washer and dryer from view or simply blend in with the rest of the room. You can choose to hang a short curtain or a full-length curtain. Then, you can use a curtain rod or a curtain holder to hang the curtain in the door frame.

A red velvet curtain can hide appliances and storage space. It’s a more attractive option than a door and it’s easier to install. Another great idea for a small laundry room is a curtain and rod. This solution is less expensive than a door and is an excellent way to hide a messy laundry room.

Adding a curtain to hide a messy laundry room will add more color to the room. It will also hide any unattractive appliances or messy storage beneath the counter. You can use cafe rods or net curtain wire to hang the curtain.

First, measure the fabric. Measure it carefully. Make sure to mark a half inch fold in the fabric. Mark this with a pencil line. This will help you keep the cut straight. If there is a fold in the fabric, you can press it with an iron. Alternatively, you can use a No-Sew Heming Tape to hem the fabric.

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