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Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas

If you have a small laundry room, you can consider adding a spice rack. While this won’t work for every layout, it will provide extra storage for small items and prevent items from knocking into the wall when the door is shut. Alternatively, you can purchase a slimmer spice rack that fits snugly into the corner and will allow you to store smaller items.


If you have a small laundry room, you can still maximize its storage potential by putting open shelving to use as storage space. To make the space look cohesive, choose complementary colors for your storage solutions. You can also install a cabinet to hold your laundry essentials and use it as a folding station.

If space is a real concern, consider adding a folding station to the wall. It will save space in the room and can hold items like folded underwear, laundry soap, and lint brushes. Another option is to install a wooden ladder with hooks at the ceiling. This ladder can be painted in any color and can be used to hang clothes and other items.

Using kitchen cabinets for storage is another great option. These units can be made to open and avoid blocking traffic in the kitchen. You can also use upper shelves for stowing cleaning supplies. Using vertical storage above your washing machine will allow you to utilize space above it more efficiently. You can use both closed and open shelves for extra supplies and miscellaneous items. You can also put framed art in the room to add a personal touch to it.

You can also make your laundry room more organized with storage baskets. Baskets can be placed on top of cabinets and can be moved to another location when not in use. Baskets are also an effective storage option and can hide all your laundry supplies.

Adding shelving

Adding shelving is a great way to create vertical storage space in a laundry room. Shelves can be built into the wall or on a counter. These storage units are a great way to keep clutter out of sight. You can even paint them to match the walls if you prefer.

For a small laundry room, you can choose shelves that are about six inches deep or less. Adding shelves to the wall will allow you to hang baskets over the top of the shelves. Wall shelving will take up less horizontal space, making your room appear larger. In addition to adding storage space, wall shelving can also help you make your laundry room look more spacious.

Small laundry rooms usually don’t have a lot of space, so the best option is to use the wall space. You can put simple shelving on the walls to store things like detergent, fabric softener, and paper towels. The advantage of this type of storage is that you can use the space more effectively than on the floor.

If you have a larger laundry room, you can install a big shelving unit that provides ample storage. You can also use this space to store items that you use frequently, such as dryer sheets, lint brushes, and stain sticks.

Adding a wall of cubbies

Adding a wall of cubbie space in a small laundry room can maximize space for storage. You can install cubby holes in the wall and install storage jars inside. You can also add integrated rails for hanging pressed shirts and towels. These handy rails will add convenience to your room and prevent your supplies from falling over.

Spice racks are another great addition to small laundry room storage ideas. While they may not be ideal in all layouts, a slimmed-down spice rack can be a great space saver. If your laundry room is small, consider buying a spice rack that doesn’t knock against the wall when you shut the door.

Stacking crates on top of cabinets is another great solution for a small laundry room. You can also use a single rod to dry clothes in a small space. Crates are also a great way to organize your laundry. Alternatively, you can use a single rod as a drying rack.

Adding a wall of cubbie space can help you create a room that has a more organized look. Adding a wooden slab over your front loading machine is another great idea to hide unsightly items. You can also install a wall cabinet behind the front loading machine. This wall unit can be fitted with a hidden task light. If you want to have a more decorative space for storage, you can also install a sunken light on the ceiling.

Adding a folding station

Adding a folding station to a small laundry room is an effective way to save space and organize your clothes. A small laundry room can be a challenge, but with the right storage ideas, you can create a hardworking hub that saves you time and frustration. One option to maximize vertical space in your laundry room is to install a wall-mounted wire storage rack. A wall-mounted rack can serve as a convenient place to keep laundry detergent, dryer sheets, orphan socks, lingerie, and other small items.

To make a folding station, start by identifying an empty wall space with three feet of space. Then, create a folding station with secondary wood or barn wood, and install hinges and doors. You can also attach hooks to the wall to make the station more functional.

Adding a folding station to a small laundry room can also help you use existing space. A wall-mounted folding station can be installed over an existing washer and dryer. This can create a hidden look for your laundry room. Alternatively, you can convert a spare bookshelf into a folding station and use the space to store cleaning products and linens.

If you don’t have a dedicated folding station, you can use open shelves. You can also use a runner to store your laundry baskets. You can also customize cabinet door pulls by modifying a wooden track. An old-fashioned washboard memo station can also be made from a clothespin attached to a wooden dowel.

Adding a curtain to hide a mess

In a small laundry room, one way to hide a mess is to hang a curtain. The curtain will conceal the laundry room appliances and storage. It is also easier to install than a door, and it will add aesthetic value. The curtain will hide the laundry space from view, and make it more attractive.

A curtain can also be used as a doorway covering. You can hang it across a hallway or through the door frame. You can use a tension rod or curtain rod holders to hang the curtain. Regular window curtains can also be used for this purpose. They add a touch of style and privacy to the room.

Before you begin sewing, draw a curtain panel diagram. This will help you determine how much fabric you need. Then, measure carefully. If necessary, make a faint pencil line on the fabric, so that you don’t cut too far. If you are using fabric, you can also use a hemming tape, which is about 1/2 inch thick and is used to sew seams.

Using curtains is an easy way to make a small laundry room look bigger. A curtain can be hung in front of the washer and dryer, and it can make the space feel like a tent. It also hides unattractive appliances or unorganized storage under the counter top. Adding a curtain is also a great way to add some color to a small laundry room.

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